In Fall 2016, a contest was developed and implemented into the SDSU EE/CompE Senior Design Project. This contest called for 4 teams, made up of 6-8 members, to create an autonomous robot that would traverse a course, find a flame source among LED decoys, and extinguish the flame. The first information to arise from the contest was the playing field:

The course would consist of the 1st EE lab and the 3rd EE lab on the bottom floor of the engineering building. The LED decoys and single flame source could be placed in any location within the course.

The next information given to the teams was an $800 budget and free range of developing a robot that could compete with the other three teams to extinguish the flame source quickest. Among the four robots, only one would reign supreme. There could only be one winner.

We are TeamResistor, and we bring to you A.R.I.S., the Autonomous fiRe extInguishing System.