A.R.I.S. stands for Autonomous fiRe extInguishing System.  A.R.I.S.  is an autonomous robot built to compete in the SDSU EE/CompE Senior Design Lab competition.   In order to build our robot for competition, we were given an $800 budget which would go towards parts and hardware.  The goal of A.R.I.S. was to have a robot that would traverse the course using feedback from sensors, which would be passed to our CPU.   Our CPU would then relay information to our motor controller which would tell the motors to speed up or slow down depending on the sensed environment.  For example, if the flame source was detected by our sensors, we would like the robot to be able to drive towards and make corrections depending on the data input of the sensor.  In order to do this, we have two different aspects of our robot:

Hardware and Software